Monday, September 26, 2011


i must be a very fail AV rep.
i have no idea how to use blogger and i rarely use the computer so much so that i do not blog.

Throughout this coursework, i've drawn inspiration from various sources including pencil artists and animal rights advertisements. (you didn't know that right?) i've learnt so much and although not many of them inspirations have been put up for viewing, i am grateful for those inspirations!
and in case you were wondering why the lion poster had such big drawings, im sorry! i actually drew them before puting them into a composition, hence the awkward sizing. evidently, i drew them a little bit too big...


this is Zhiping. Zhiping say thank you. i helped you. now you can be sure that no weird paedophiles will anyhow look at you okay!! 

doesn't it look quite cool??!! MUAHAHAHAHA

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I MUST BE AWESOME. haha. i should get good improvement award or something. 
As you can see, i couldn't draw OR shade before i started my coursework. 
Be very proud of me!

this was done in sec 3, it's suppposed to be a drawing of black and white paper. so the darker parts are meant to be black paper and the lighter parts are white paper. i must have been quite a failure haha.

I am very excited. This is my only human drawing that i really put in a lot of effort for. It is a drawing of f(x) member Amber. 
it looks a little weird after scanning though.

This is the top view of a fox! It is one of the drawings in the coursework final. they're many more but i dunno which one to put up haha. 

Yup. Thats all... 

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Friday, September 23, 2011


haha maybe its only because i finished it.
Anyway, i've learnt so much through this coursework.

i've learn't about how many of our human activities have caused harm to animals. For example, i learnt of the Ringling brothers Circus, where it wasm said that the animals were abused by the handlers. When we go to a circus, we expect to have a lot of fun, watching the circus animals do their acts. However, what we do not see is what we do not know. We do not see the harsh conditions in which these animals are trained in.

Another example is how global warming is affecting animals. While we think that global warming does heat up the environment and will cause us harm in the long run, most of us do not realise that their acts that cause global warming to worsen are also killing animals. Global warming is causing an increase in temperatures in many parts of the world. The increase in temperature might cause forest fires. This destroys habitats, which causes wild animals to become homeless and die off.

I am very happy with what I've learnt and hope that people can be educated by my posters to bring joy tothe animal kingdom, instead of just for ourselves.



the photos aren't the best but they are the only ones that i have. Therefore you have to put up with them. but no matter what, i put in a lot of effort. And i think its worth looking at haha.
Have fun!!

My coursework is a series of three posters depicting the various wild animals and how they are affected by human activities. Many wild animals have been driven to endangerment and even extinction due to our insensitive actions.

This is an example of how our actions are indirectly causing harm to wild animals. Due to our actions, global warming has become even worse. This heating up of the earth has caused many forest fires. Forest fires have destroyed the habitat of the various animals.

Animals such as lions are captured and placed in circuses to entertain crowds. In order to satisfy our need for entertainment, these animals are trained and forced to perform acts that are unnatural. These animals are also kept in very poor conditions. Amidst the fun and entertainment that the human beings are enjoying, these animals have to go through harsh training.

As the world becomes more and more advanced and urbanised, more and more land is needed to satisfy the human need of space for improvement. Forests are destroyed in order to get more space, causing the forests to become concrete jungles. The wild animals' habitat are slowly depleting, and sooner or later, all wild animals will be history.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pay $250 for a photo with a nude artist?

At Art Stage Singapore this year, many were shocked by an exhibition by artist T. Venkanna. He posed naked in front of a replica of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's The Two Fridas, and visitors to his exhibition could join him in the room , hold his hand, and get a photograph taken for a token price of $250.

Singapore is a relatively conservative country. Many did not appreciate T. Venkanna’s exhibit and felt that it was morally wrong. A couple who strolled naked in public were fined a maximum S$2,000, or jailed 3 months, or both for their crime. They felt that what the artist had done was similar, and what was even more unreasonable was that visitors had to pay $250 just to pose for a photo with him.

However, as Andy Warhol says,

The main objective of T. Venkanna’s art installation is "removing the trappings of identity". Through this, he might be trying to connect his humanity with the visitors. However, his artistic intentions might have backfired. While there were a few “brave souls”, mostly females, who took part in the exhibit, most passers by peeked in, only to see a man in the nude. These passers by were turned off by the man in the nude, feeling that, maybe it was all too much humanity to connect with.

The extra charge of $250 is also very unreasonable. Visitors to the exhibit have to pay for this charge for the photograph on top of the entrance fee to Art Stage Singapore. Where will this money go? Into the artist’s own pocket? I feel that the artist should donate some of this money for a good cause. Art Stage Singapore is a public place. Why should the artist be earning $250 for every photo taken while those who indecently expose themselves get fined of jailed?

Art can be found in any form. T. Venkanna can say that this work is HIS art, and therefore, as he thinks that it is art, it is art. I agree that it is art. However, I disagree that such a high price should be put on such a temporary memory, which is captured by a camera. Therefore, it might be art, and it might be innovative and interesting.
But I don’t like it.